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Meet the Team


Anne Russell (Secretary)
Ja Christopher (Treasurer)
Daniel Wadsworth

Gareth Trehearn
Geraldine Shires

Jonathan Fingland
Mike Rignall
Nigel Woodcock
Nixon Tod (Sub-Group Leader)
Paul Harnett
Victoria Johnson (Sub-Group Leader)

The Friends of Turn Moss Committee was officially formed in May 2018.

We thank previous Committee members for their vital help with Friends of Turn Moss in the past ūüíö:¬† Karen Richardson (2018-2019), Alan Weir (2018-2019), Teresa Weir (2018-2019), John Westbrook (2018-2019), Matthew Connolly (2018-2019), Lucy Cawdron (2018-2019), Simon Howarth (2018-2019), Gill Moore (2018-2020), Helen Colley (2019-2021), Neil Cummings (2019-2021)


Accessibility Group Leader: to be appointed
Other Committee members: Nixon Tod, Geraldine Shires, Anne Russell, Daniel Wadsworth.
FoTM Member: Sarah Wilkinson.
Aims: Make Turn Moss a welcoming place to all. Areas of interest: signage, car park, paths, benches, toilets, Rights Of Way, flytipping, CCTV. Longer term aim: to have a shared use path to connect from Car Park to Hawthorn Ln. Improve paths which are often muddy in wet weather.

Planting and Ecology Group Leader: Victoria Johnson
Other Committee members: Nixon Tod, Mike Rignall, Paul HarnettAnne Russell.
Aims: To alleviate flooding of the pitches by working with nature to draw water away from the playing surfaces. Although Turn Moss is a floodplain, by establishing ditches, hedge banks and appropriate planting it is hoped that fewer recreational days will be lost. Working together with Trafford Council, we intend to restore the hedgerows, plant trees and widen the ‘no-mow‚Äô margins. This will create green corridors, encourage wildlife and increase the biodiversity of the area. We will work with local schools and community groups, offering hands-on experience and instilling an awareness of our natural environment.

Sports & Recreation Group Leader:  Nixon Tod
Other Committee members: Mike Rignall, Paul Harnett.
Aims: Working with Football Teams (St Johns, StVics, NTA and Longford Juniors) and Gaelic (St Lawrences). Work with Trafford Council,Trafford Leisure and other partners to improve standards of pitches and goalposts, changing rooms and storage facilities for all the football teams who use Turn Moss at present. Facilitate more teams to use Turn Moss pitches as their base and extend diversity of teams based here, by encouraging walking football teams, women, girls, marginalised, disadvantaged and minority sports. Encourage and assist any other groups who express an interest in using Turn Moss fields for recreational activities.

Community Engagement: Currently No Leader
Other Committee members: Nigel Woodcock
Aims: Facilitate local partnerships, projects and visits from schools and community groups aiming towards increasing the diversity of visitors and encouraging those within socially excluded groups. Encourage the use of Turn Moss fields and wilder fringe spaces for education purposes and for mental and physical wellbeing via events, workshops.Lega

A working group is ongoing for future-proofing the site at Turn Moss to ensure it stays open to the public as a greenbelt site. The group is investigating getting Village Green Status, Fields in Trust and would like to re-instate correct Right of Way footpath across the fields (it needs joining up!).

Turn Moss being a well used community greenspace is at the heart of all our discussions. It is there for all to enjoy.

As a Committee we aim to be open and transparent, always keen to hear ideas and suggestions from our members and users of the site. All issues are discussed fully at our Committee meetings.

These are held regularly, usually every 4 to 6 weeks.  We produce a regular newsletter which keeps our followers and members updated of what has been happening.

FoTM representatives attend Friends of Trafford Parks and Green Spaces meetings. These are held every 3 months at the Town Hall. Topics covered are those which affect parks and green spaces across Trafford as a borough.


A Turn Moss Management Group has been instigated. These are regular meetings attended by stakeholders of the site, including FoTM. We discuss topics pertinent to the management of Turn Moss. Topics include: field management and drainage, buildings maintenace and improvements, grant applications, new equipment, future planning etc.

Successful Grant Applications

 Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment Fund £9,930.50
This grant funded: Defibrillator, Bench, Notice Board, Deep clean of changing rooms, Bike Plantlock, Gazebo, Banner, Consultation with architect for building improvements 

 Woodland Trust

City of Trees

Lordship Recreation


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