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Anne Russell

I live a 5 minute walk away from Turn Moss and have used the fields for over 59 years both for safe playing as a child (we used to have family picnics and games there), and as an adult for walking and just enjoying the peace and quiet.  Turn Moss is an essential green space of tranquillity where you can escape the stresses of modern day living and recharge your batteries. I took this area for granted, assuming unfettered access would always be available. It was only when there was a threat of fencing off and developing part of the fields that I became involved in saving it, not just for the area itself but also for the wildlife and fauna which is already present. In this present climate it is essential for mental wellbeing that such areas are available. As a child I remember being driving down Hawthorn Lane as a treat!

I joined the campaign early on attending meetings and being pro-active, posting leaflets through doors and joining demonstrations. As a pensioner I became a rebel! I have learnt so much along the way especially the history of Turn Moss which is amazing to read. I have met some great people along the way and the area has become an area of friendliness and caring.

Having previously worked as a PA at the University I am good at organising (some may say bossy!). I am also good at listening and liaising with people – I am currently Secretary of FoTM.  I love this role and the challenges it brings.

I work as part of a fantastic team of like-minded people helping to improve the site and biodiversity, making it a pleasant area for everyone be they dog walkers, footballers, cyclists, joggers or those out for a quiet walk.

Turn Moss is a great place which links up so many areas namely Longford Park, the Transpennine trail and the Mersey Valley. You can walk or cycle for miles unhindered by traffic and its accompanying pollution and this is why I am so passionate about improving and preserving the area for the future.  I am on Turn Moss walking my dog on a daily basis. Turn Moss is a fantastic area for everyone to enjoy.

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