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About the site

Turn Moss is a recreational area in Stretford, a green gateway to The Mersey Valley, at the southern edge of Longford ward in Trafford. There are two rights of way which cross the fields, connecting Chorlton to the East, and Stretford to the west (click on the image for a wider map).

The site comprises a small car park, surrounded by playing fields (39 hectares) and meadows. It is greenbelt land and the fields are bordered all around by mixed tree woodland (8 hectares), criss-crossing the fields are ancient hedgerows. 

There are changing rooms alongside the car park and a fenced compound with two disused buildings, previously used as a Council Depot. This compound provides exciting possibilities to improve community facilities. We will work with users and architects to explore ideas and present these to Trafford Council.

Turn Moss is a Flood Zone 3, it serves an important function during wet months of the year, protecting nearby properties from flooding. Improvements to pitches and paths must be future-proof and work with nature.

A History of Turn Moss



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