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Friends of Turn Moss is a voluntary group of people who all work together to improve our wonderful site. We are only as strong as the people who join us.
If you want to meet some inspiring people and make a difference to your community and you have some spare time to give and want to help shape our priorities, then please JOIN US AS A MEMBER. It’s FREE to sign up, we just need your email address 😊.
As a member you will receive regular updates of what we are up to via our newsletter (absolutely no spamming). We also send emails regarding freebies, events and volunteer sessions. Sometimes we need to ask your advice on issues of concern regarding Turn Moss or nice things like picking what trees to go in the new orchard!
Being a member of Friends of Turn Moss also means you can get nominated for standing on our Committee and if you don’t fancy that, you still have the chance to vote for who you want to be on the Committee.
We get superb help from the many Mossers who step up when the call goes out for volunteers. It could be at one of our planting sessions or task days or helping to water new trees in a drought!  If you have useful skills or tools we should know about, then do drop us a line and if you have time to help us with organising the group or our activities, we’d love to know.
Over the last 12 months we’ve had local help from a chainsaw whizz who cut down some over-hanging branches and a local business bravely cleaned our gutters on the tractor shed.  It means we can now fit water butts to collect rainwater, better for the environment and making it much easier for us to keep our community garden well watered.  Someone else has offered up their trailer, so we can collect free manure from local stables. It’s amazing what things can be useful to a voluntary group like ourselves! It makes us a strong and resourceful team 💚.
Stretford MP Kate Green helps Friends of Turn Moss plant a Queens Tree.

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