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Victoria Johnson

I have known and loved Turn Moss for over 50 years. As a child I would travel along Hawthorn Lane from Stretford to Chorlton and back with my father on his daily commute. In later years I attended Stretford Grammar School and spent many hours gazing out of the window at the big skies when I should have been paying attention. I have been blessed with parents who raised me to observe and nurture our wildlife and afforded me the freedom to explore our open spaces. As an adult I firmly believe that the opportunity for all children to be out in the weather, however inclement, to follow the seasons, learn to garden, appreciate nature and our role within the ecosystem, is vital for our future.

I now have an allotment and I look after a large garden. I live and work close to Turn Moss and walk my dogs there most days. In the first year since the development plans were withdrawn the ‘Friends’, together with local schools and community groups, have planted new trees, hedges, wildflower areas and gardens.

I hope to re-wild the field margins to boost the biodiversity, to create ponds and scrapes to hold water away from the football pitches and to establish a community orchard. By using planting to create a pleasant environment I hope people from all backgrounds will choose to spend time there without having to spend any money. Ultimately I would love to have a community classroom on site for local groups to use away from the bustle of traffic and urban life.

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