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Paul Harnett

Paul Harnett is an economist. He works on macroeconomics, public finance management and poverty reduction, with specialisms in healthcare, climate change and biodiversity, agricultural economics, anti-corruption schemes, community participation, and safety nets including cash transfers. He has worked with the World Bank, European Commission, UNDP, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Health Organisation, the UK’s Department for International Development, the African Development Bank, SECO, USAID and various NGOs, and he sits on the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department expert panel. He has worked throughout Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe and the USA. 

Paul lives within 2 minutes walk of Turn Moss and regularly walks his dog there. Along with his partner, he is a committed gardener and enjoys improving the biodiversity of Turn Moss. Of particular joy are the two unmown fields and the ways in which traditional plants have re-established themselves there. Restoring ancient hedgerows also seems to be working well. He would like to see the whole of the area to the east of the car park developed into the finest managed wetlands in the north west, as well the area to the west improved to provide well used sports facilities (without fences!). As a public finance expert he is keen to assist in the access to funding of improvements to Turn Moss by Trafford Council.

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